About Us - The Story So Far

Derelict Brewing is a small batch craft beer brewery based in North Canterbury, New Zealand. Situated on a 10 Acre block in Fernside. We focus on flavour forward, innovative and boundary pushing beers while always keeping our emphasis on a quality product.

Why are we called Derelict Brewing?
Definition from Oxford Dictionary
  • In a very poor condition as a result of disuse and neglect. eg: “However it remained unoccupied for a number of years and had fallen into a derelict state.’
Starting out with limited funds we began our journey into brewing with not much more than a passion for fresh ingredients, full flavour and hops! Wanting to brew a tasty beer but unable to get our hands on the brand new equipment we started with a mixture of borrowed gear, old gear and repurposed gear. Kegs that were previously disused and unloved were bought back to life and became our HLT, mash tun and kettle. Old swappa crates became our storage and our kegerator taps were pulled out of a bar being demolished after the Christchurch Earthquake. When the positive reviews started coming in we knew we didn’t have to have the newest gear to make some exciting and tasty beer.
So now when building our new brewery we carried on the up-cycling theme throughout the build. Sourcing a brew rig that was being on-sold, a chiller unit that was being pulled out of an old building, and tanks that were no longer being used by larger breweries. We have mixed the disused with the brand new to create Derelict Brewing Company.
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